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Causes of Solar Panel Leaking

If your roof is leaking and it is not raining, you probably have a leaking solar panel. Solar leaks are a common problem, and most homeowners experience it at some point. If your solar system is leaking, it is advisable to hire experts for inspection and solar leak repair in Sacramento. But what causes solar panel leaking? Here are the major causes.

Faulty T&P Valve

The temperature and pressure (T&P) valve on solar panel systems prevents the adverse impact of overheated water. When the valve is spoiled, excessive pressure or temperature will not vent safely, which could lead to water leakage. Most cases of solar leak repair in Sacramento are due to a faulty T&P valve.

Piping Bursts

Solar panel pipes can burst due to excessive pressure in the system or freezing. When this happens, the panel is going to start leaking. You should turn off your solar panel and call an expert.

Loose Valve Nut

Relief valves can also be the reason why your solar panel is leaking. When the nut of your solar panel’s valve gland is loose, the fluid in the system, glycol, will flow out. Hence, you should always ensure that the nuts are tight. However, if the valve seat is damaged, you should contact experts for solar leak repair in Sacramento.

Loose Piping Fittings

Another cause of solar panel leaking is loose piping fittings. When these fittings are not fastened, they may leak at the joints. During thermal expansion, glycol may be forced to pass through the weak connections. You can try to tighten the loose fittings before contacting professionals for solar leak repair in Sacramento.

Broken Panel Glass

If your panel glass is broken, then it is the reason why your system is leaking. You should replace the glass immediately to prevent water or glycol from flowing out.

Are you looking for reliable professionals for solar leak repair in Sacramento? Look no further than Sac Valley Pool Service. We have a team of technicians ready to fix your leaking solar panel as soon as possible.

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