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How to Maintain a Pop Up or Above Ground Swimming Pool

Keeping the water in a pool clean and sparkling blue is not as easy as one might think. It takes daily maintenance and care,

but it is well worth it when your relaxing in the water on a hot day!


Step 1.
Get the tablets and the chlorine dispenser, put 3 or 4 small tablets in the dispenser, you

will have to put more in about every two days. Let that float freely in the pool.

Step 2.
Put a small pool with water in it at the bottom of the ladder on the outside of the pool,this will clean the grass off of the feet.

Step 3.
Every two to three days add about a cup full of the sock it, spreading

around the pool.

Step 4.
Vacuum, skimmer, and change the filter at least once a week.

Ok, that’s it!

By Shannito

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