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Monthly Messages

Sac Valley Pool Service will be close during the week of December 22 to 26. We will reopen Monday the 29th of December. We will be servicing pools New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Thank you for your business and have a Merry Christmas.


Winter is in full swing and the temperatures are starting to drop. Now is the time to ensure your pool is set to run in the early mornings hours, and the solar system should be shut down. If you need help with this give us a call.

Winter is a great time to look at pool upgrades like fully remodeling, or just doing an energy efficiency upgrade. During the winter season many pool builders are slow and willing to be very competitive on price. Having the pool down for a face lift also isn’t such a big deal during the winter. We have a few builders we can refer for remodeling. We have been certified by PG&E and SMUD as swimming pool energy audit professionals and installers. Give us a call and let us help you with your pool needs.

Thank you for your business.



Fall is here and the leaves are falling. We will be working overtime to keep you pool in tip top shape. Your help in emptying skimmer baskets, and sweep bags is appreciated and will help to keep you pool clean between visits. If you need extra care during the fall season we are happy to provide and extra day of service…just let us know.

Chlorine facts. During the winter season we will not be using chlorine tablets. Chlorine tabs contain a high level of CYA (conditioner, cyanuric acid, stabilizer). If the pools reaches a higher than recommended level of CYA you encounter what is called chlorine lock out or over stabilization. This prevents chlorine from doing it’s job and the pool water needs to be diluted (drained) to allow for proper water balance. For these reasons we only use chlorine tabs in the summer when an extra boost of chlorine is required between visits.

During the week of Thanksgiving we will be closed Wednesday through Friday.

Please visit our reviews link on the home page and leave a review. Thank you for your business.

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