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Pool Fence “Tips and Tricks”

Some pool fence installations will require the need for cement footings, this could be due to a number of deciding factors. Maybe the customers pool sits close to a fence and they want to connect from fence to fence say like an L shaped fence or a U shaped fence. In these cases it is rare that there would be cement decking to accommodate the core holes for the pool fence poles.

Most fences are several feet away from the swimming pool and have either a grass area or a dirt or garden area between them and the pool. The best way to approach the problem is to remember that you must always start by doing the gate placement first and then the Pool Fence layout.

After the lay out is complete locate the last core hole on the deck before the grass, dirt or garden area starts. Cut two pieces of a pool fence pole to about 16″ in length .Tie some twine to one of the shortened poles and insert it in the last cored hole then proceed to where the layout ends in the garden area . When you have found the correct line of the layout, pound the other short pole into the ground and tie the twine around it. This method will create a nice straight line for you to follow while digging your footings

Now for the actual building of the cement footings, remember do not skimp on the hole or the materials, someones life depends on your workmanship so do it right


you won’t be

sorry. Examine the area for sprinkler lines, we wouldn’t want to cut through one. Take your 36″ on center two hole template and place

it over the short anchor pole in the deck and then line it up with the twine. Now you have the first of how ever many

footing placements 36″ on center off of the deck across the area to the fence or wall.

Ok, Now lets dig the hole, and trust me there is a right way and a wrong way so lets just talk

about the right way. Dig about ten inches in diameter and straight down about 16 0r 17 inches and then with a hand spade core out the bottom of the hole to around 12″

in diameter and about 5 “high inside, about the size of a small bowling ball. Next place a twenty inch piece of 1and 1/8″ galvanized steel pipe into the hole, now using the 36″ on center two hole template that you placed over the anchor pole to measure the 36″on center needed to line up the pipe. Take a small hand sledge hammer and seat the pipe about 3” deep in the hole

Now with a small 4″ hand level check to see if the pipe is straight up and down, once again with the template check to make sure you are on center. Now pour in the quick drying cement, fill it almost to the top and add some water, not to much, wait for it to absorb it meanwhile start the process over until your at the wall. now go back and top off the footings with some cement and when its set go back and insert the pool fence sleeves,once you finished, spray paint any exposed pipe

the same color as the pool fence poles. If you

have any questions feel free to

contact us anytime, We will do our best to help. Thank for reading my article, I will be submitting more for approval soon.

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