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Roseville Pool Heater Repair

El Dorado Hills Pool Filter Repair Swimming PoolA Roseville pool heater repair takes training and experience. When servicing a Roseville pool heater repair, it’s important to know how electrical systems work. Repairing a heater often requires tracing the electrical pathway through the safety switches. Heater issues are frequently related to a safety switch issue. Finding the switch can be a daunting part of the task of a Roseville pool heater repair.

A Roseville pool heater repair can also be caused by a bad ICM. The ICM is the ignition control module.

The ICM often transforms the electricity from 200 volts to 24 volts. It is usually diagnosed during your Roseville pool heater repair by making sure you have 220 volts going in and 24 volts coming out to the mother board or control panel.

A bad thermistor is another reason you might be in need of a Roseville pool heater repair. A thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance varies significantly with temperature, more so than in standard resistors. The thermistor is responsible for reading the water temperature. A Roseville pool heater repair diagnosing the thermistor is usually found by monitoring water temperature and comparing it to the heater indicated water temperature.

A Roseville pool heater repair of a mother board can be very tricky. The mother board is where the electricity flows to the safety switched and back. The service techs need to check the flow of these electrical paths. Jumping these paths is often necessary to see if any switches are bad. A Roseville pool heater repair may also require measuring the electricity with a volt meter at the line in to the switch bus.

Bad water chemistry can be the cause of heater leaks. Heat exchange is a tough and dirty job. It requires a complete tear down when doing a Roseville pool heater repair.

A bypass is sometimes hard to detect

but it can cause a heater to melt. The bypass is located in the manifold of the heater. This could be another reason you might need a Roseville pool heater repair.

These are just a few issues that might cause you to need a Roseville pool heater repair. Sac Valley Pool Repair is the most qualified company to take care of your repair needs.

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