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When to Replace Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are generally known to have a long lifespan. However, due to external factors such as rain, snow, and natural disasters, your solar panel may wear out or get damaged. It is, therefore, important to know when it is time to consider solar panel replacement in Sacramento. Sometimes it is quite hard to fix a broken solar system, and replacement remains the best option. Here is when to contact experts for solar panel replacement in Sacramento.

Scratched Panels

Do you have a scratched solar panel? It is time for solar panel replacement especially if the silicon semiconductors are worn out. This is a significant problem for people who have huge trees in their compounds. When tree branches often fall on the solar panels and may cause minor scratches or significant physical damage. It is risky to have a solar panel that has a broken glass casing because it could damage the other component of the system. In this case, solar panel replacement in Sacramento is the best option.

Failed Inverter

When the inverter is displaying error messages, you need to change your solar panel. It is essential to check your inverter regularly to confirm that it is working as usual. If you get the error message, the problem may be the inverter or other critical components of the solar system. You should call experts to inspect your system. If the inverter is damaged, most homeowners opt for solar panel replacement rather than repair.

Faulty Wiring

Solar panels wiring is usually susceptible to corrosion if not well installed and maintained. You should, therefore, hire a competent team for solar panel replacement in Sacramento to ensure everything is working as expected. You should also ask experts to inspect the key components, including the wires, from time to time. Corroded cables may lead to malfunctioning.

Reduced Voltage

You need to measure the power output of your system regularly so that you can notice slight changes. Measure the output during a sunny day, preferably at noon, to get the right readings. If the current and voltage readings are 20% below the standard output, it is time for solar panel replacement in Sacramento.

Replacing your solar panel at an early stage will save you a lot of money. Sac Valley Pool Service offers quality solar panel replacement in Sacramento and beyond. If your solar system is damaged, contact us right away.

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